The Charnel Expanse

by Zealotry

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released June 13, 2013

R. Temin - Main Vocals/Rhythm Guitars
P. Tougas - Lead Guitars/Backing Vocals
J. Demakis - Bass
L. Gruber - Drums

guest solo on "Apex Predator" by Shaune Kelley
Artwork by T. G. Rantanen
Mixed by Eliot Bayless
Mastered at New Alliance East
additional engineering: Jacob Schmidt, Pierre Tougas & Collin McGee



all rights reserved


Zealotry Boston, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Avatars of Contempt, pt. I
Words of distrust
falling off every tongue
tensions rising to a boil

hostile glances
cast over every shoulder
in expectation of betrayal

knives are sharpened
in every darkened corner
withering façades, shaken

rising tides
of madness overwhelm us
paranoia penetrates

long-suppressed savagery
intruding furtively
penetrating empty spaces
corridors of the human psyche

castes wrought in stone stifle their dreams,
carve out their tongues unworthy flock, ascension denied
crippled and mute, they stagger
with knives drawn in search of a mark

obdurate boundaries of complacent servility
established from their birth
too late came the epiphany for
the meek never to inherit the earth

destitute and mocked by platitudes
fear and frustration overtakes
grasping at straws in want of salvation
abject grief sublimated through rage

Conflict spreads exponentially
long-dormant leviathans stir
in every man, roused by the scent of this..

crisis begets panic begets violence begets death begets
crisis begets panic begets violence begets death begets
crisis begets panic begets violence begets death begets
crisis begets panic begets violence begets death...
Track Name: Avatars of Contempt, pt. II
Like rats,
overbred in confined spaces
they maim and murder
over scraps of meat

the nihilist ascendant
empowered in a vacuum
of order dissolute
and entrenched decadence

a pound of flesh is offered up
for any who demand one,
not questioning the source
still sharpening their knives

chewing on scraps
that grow forever smaller
emaciated, execrated
avatars of contempt
Track Name: Avatars of Contempt, pt. III
Remnants of sybaritic desolation
surrounding the last witnesses
of humanity's self-immolation
as it lies in its lurid repose

pallid and gaunt, they sift through the ashes
vainly seeking some fragment of guidance
instincts have failed to sustain
they wander with no providence of meaning

Frail, derelict figures, knives long discarded
dead eyes beyond hope, dead mouths beyond prayer
one by one casting down
the crown of life that burdens them

their paths diverge in all directions
yet they tread inexorably
to a desolate, nameless
eternal communal grave

No conflict, no heroes
No lessons learned from times of trial
No cruel fate to betray them
No truth behind the hangman's smile
This silence is their just reward

No sins, no virtues
No breath of life to sour the air
No genesis or revelation
No epitaph to mark their graves
This is the way their story ends
Track Name: The Dysgenicists
Down, further and further we're pulled
by a hand that exists to suppress
Unaware of the trajectory
cannot perceive our state of distress

Brain drain, pernicious and unrecognized
curiosity perfunctory
trifling parody of intellect
dysgenics in full effect

Prefrontal cortex atrophied
higher thought processes stymied
force-fed abject ignorance
society turning palsied

Automation rampant
Corporate control malignant
stunted by modern convenience
human existence has become insipid
desensitized and tepid

Down, further and further they drag us
Vacantly smiling, we accept the degradation
of our lives, pleading for more distraction
In a vicious cycle of capitulation
To the voice of our species' extinction
The planned obsolescence of humanity
is a foregone conclusion

superior slaves
born into plastic sterility
sanctioned from cradle to grave
Track Name: Blighted
Glorious stand the towers from which they watch over us
Imperious men ordained by birthright
Casting invidious gazes upon us, malignity from on high
A scurrilous contempt for all those below

In desolation we tread
through the gutters of their empire
Degraded to the point of hopelessness
Our bodies wracked with blight

All the marvels of earth at their feet, yet their greed forever persists
In the shadow of their opulence, we choke
Choke on the debris of our shattered lives, as enmity ferments within us
immoderate retribution provoked

Down, deeper and deeper we dredge
Through the bedrock upon which their palaces stand
Tremors shaking the structure
Foundations begin to collapse

In desperation we've tread
through the gutters of their empire
Until we overcame our hopelessness
Now we shall pass the blight

The palaces lying in ruins
The progeny of genocide arise
Ascendant conclave assuming control
Building their Babel anew

In mockery of the dethroned stand the towers
raised on the ashes of a world bygone
forgotten to time, scorned by risen
cadaverous age, spoken of with a cadence of shame

In opulence, we grow decadent
As the dethroned did in ages past
remorseless, the lessons of history lost
Unending, the cycle of conquest and upheaval

In desolation they've tread
through the gutters of our empire
Degraded to the point of hopelessness
Their bodies wracked with blight

The towers crumbling around us now
the enmity of ages unforgotten
we see the mark of blight upon their forms
Never will it subside
Track Name: Decaying Echoes
"We will make a revolution"
so decrees the holy man
"not merely against the tyrant
but against history, itself"

the blood-wine that intoxicates us
the greatest of the Devil's lies
enemies lurking within every shadow
against which we must now arise

History deviates us from the Path
Knowledge is delusion
We must seek our truth
In the holy books alone

We will unwind the threads of time
we will unmake the veil of history
We will hear the echoes of the past decay
We will watch the skies,
watch the skies

Forget the pain that we have wrought
upon one another in the name of petty tribalism
Unlearn the lessons we've been taught
through the aeons of suffering and tribulation
Forget the plight of our ancestors
for it is ordained our children know it, too
Renounce not only the past that keeps us chained
but the future that threatens to consume us

The fates of those who've come before.

The prophet doth command.


Go forth and burn the tomes
the books of knowledge foul
that disrespect the inexorable truth
and occludes the path to our salvation
So mote it be

Cut out the poison tongues of heretics
silence the knowledge that defiles and withers
all affronts to holiness and purity
must be banished from our sight

And when this profane world crumbles
we, the faithful shall see
Paradise standing before us
in all its eternal glory

...eternal glory

Extract and neutralize the venom of complexity
White out all lingering shades of grey
Progress is the serpent, heed not its treachery
Suffer no insult to the Manichean way

"We stand on the cusp of revolution"
so declares the prophet mad
"not merely against the tyrant
but against history, itself"

the blood-wine that intoxicates us
the greatest of the Devil's lies
enemies lurking within every shadow
against which we must now arise

We have unwound the threads of time
we have unmade the veil of history
We have heard the echoes of the past decay
Now we watch the skies,
watch the skies
Track Name: The Charnel Expanse
There is no god
and we are his prophets
Pressing ever southward
Amidst the charnel expanse
Amidst the endless gray

We starve, exhausted
yet march we must,
though hope slips...

...through emaciated fingers
emaciated fingers
that carry the fire
the fire that once
burned this world
the fire that will renew it yet...

...or so we tell ourselves
as we starve, exhausted, body and soul

still the fire must be carried
still the child must live
Track Name: Apex Predator
The ascendant, exalted
apex predator surveying the
supplicant masses
dispirited, indentured, commodified
they languish in their misery
acquiescent to degradation


So cruel are the vagaries of fortune
by which I was uplifted while
others were summarily cast down

So spare me your righteous indignation
accuse me not of turpitude or hubris
for simply being what I am

my rapacity is obligatory
it comes with the territory

though my acts may seem transgressive
they simply exceed your paltry grasp
your admonitions mean nothing

your plight is worthy of pity
but it's the consequence of your own fallacy
plaintive cries, falling on deaf ears
mean nothing

The truculent, decadent
apex predator stands accused
of imperious vices
the masses, aggrieved in their squalor
no longer will they submit to degradation

A litany of accusations accosting me
follows me through my dominion
vulgar throngs at the gates
shrilly demanding recompense

Cowards! you protect yourselves with numbers
you think you can earn parity
extorting from me pounds of my flesh?

Ingrates! so feeble-minded, you cannot comprehend
the splendor, the endowment
I've bestowed unto the likes of you


Your ill-gotten gains are evidence of your abasement
Your seat atop the food chain is a throne of lies

Enervated without your precious wealth to save you
expect no clemency from those you've preyed upon

Usurer, we return your gold to those who earned it
Despot, your tormented subjects we release

Your perceived invulnerability is pure contrivance
Your platitudes mean nothing to us anymore

Bloodied you shall bow under the weight of evidence against you
Deny if you will, mendacity assures your condemnation

Slave driver, you'll succumb under the yoke your thralls have carried
Now revealed for what you truly are:
No apex predator...
No lowly scavenger...
A parasite!
Track Name: The Unmaking
Initiate the culling
the great and terrible cycle
must continue

A legion of exterminating angels
from beyond the stars
reaching out once more
with the claws of annihilation

millennia of evolution
unto sapience
shall be erased
in a cataclysm of cosmic horror

archaic traces remain in ageless ruins
hinting at what's to come
discoveries too dreadful fathom
haunting the dreams of all who know

A furtive signal issued forth
a cryptic warning
incipient harvest
precursor to the unmaking of all we know


the dwellers of the empty void
the black, unliving gods
awaken from their aeonic slumber
to purge and assimilate

The inertia of progress
our endless curiosity
pushing us, unwittingly
to the edge of the abyss

pernicious whispers, enthralling calls
penetrate once intrepid minds
enveloped in a parapsychic haze
hailing the dawn of cybernetic Kali Yuga

Binary signals transmitted over neural pathways
organic lifeforms drained their free will
indoctrinated into ruinous collusion
judas goats incorporated into the machinery

Servile flesh relinquished
incised, augmented, harvested
biology perverted for the purpose of subjugation
minds extirpated to ease the process of acclimation

Not cognizant of their actions
they languish in wide-eyed obeisance
obsequious hosts to a metaphysical parasite

Vainly seeking to appease
the encroaching terrors
they prostrate themselves before the altar of o m n i c i d e !

The gateways now stand open
Their tenebrous forms emerge
Nightmarish mockeries of all that exists

We brace for eradication
our cries drowned out by their roars
grim heralds of our inevitable defeat